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Mansion dark forest near the spawn point

At this location You will be about two small villages in the plains biome is a huge mansion located in a dark forest. This the Royal estate are known to be extremely hard to find, and therefore its generation near the point of spawn makes this led very attractive. However, you need to consider that the map will only work on version 1.1 of Minecraft and above.

Three villages and a desert Temple

Here are the pretty cool led that includes three villages and one desert temple. They are located in completely different biomes, but very close to the spawn point. In the settlements and the temple holds many useful resources, so this map is great for survival mode, as there is the opportunity of rapid development.

Two desert village near spawn

Presented in side You will be at a distance of 10-20 years of blocks from two villages located in the desert biome. Villages generate rather strange, since one has formed on the river, and the other is for the most part on the plain, but consists of sand blocks. In every village You will find the blacksmith. Also, this led can please the desert temple.

Simple Starter House [1.1.0] [Creative]

If You're new to Minecraft and dream of a good house, but no desire to build it yourself, then this card especially for You. Here You will find yourself in a small hut, situated on the plains biome. Near the river, which is a great place for fishing. There are a lot of forests, so You will never be without a stock of wood.

The Worlds [1.0.0] [Survival]

The Worlds is an unusual map, which includes four large cube. Each volume figure consists of six different biomes, namely one on each side. Much of what You will see is the terrain and buildings, which are randomly generated in the world of Minecraft. It's a pretty cool map, which, for the sake of interest, you can try to play survival mode. You have to collect blocks and build a random bridge to easily move from island to island.

The flat spawn

In this side You find yourself on very flat plains biome. This is probably the most smooth random generation of the world, which only can encounter in Minecraft Pocket Edition. This area will be useful for those who want to build something and doesn't want long to bother with leveling the ground. Also around full of forests, you may gain enough resources for their creations, if you are going to play in survival mode. And here You will find a small village. For this we need to travel a distance of 100-150 blocks straight from spawn point.

The village is in the swamp

Using this led, You will be in the village on the swamp. There are farms and a blacksmith. Map the survival, as supplies have large stocks of food. We can say that there are quite rare, as normally the village could not be found in the swamp biome, but local settlement actually formed on the edge of the plain.

Triple village between four biomes

In this side You will find yourself near the triple village is located between four biomes: clay, desert, plains and savanna. In the settlement you may encounter with strange generated structures, for example, a house, standing at the other house. This map is suitable for those who want to start a new adventure of survival in the world of Minecraft. Here You will find chests with useful resources.

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