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Emerald Town [1.8.0] [Survival]

Emerald town is a map of survival and development. To do with the "Wizard of oz" of course, it has almost no. Here are five essential objectives (they are listed in the book, which is issued at the beginning of the game). These goals are associated with the accumulation of certain resources (money, metals, emeralds, specified livestock). And to achieve these objectives, You will need to properly develop the economy. For example, money can be gained by selling vegetables (remember Urfin jus). You also can not cause harm to the settlers. so, forward to success!

Kirio RPG [1.0.0] [Adventure]

Here are the adventure map in the medieval style, includes several different cities, which will have to perform quests. You will play a character named Pico brave warrior, fighting evil. Be vigilant, carefully read the tasks, collect as much information as possible to achieve success. And Yes, this will require knowledge of the English language.
 And why not to learn?

RPG HUD [16x16] [1.0.0]

This unfortunately introduces the game interface RPG style head-up display (HUD). Here are displayed the characteristics of the character: health, hunger, armor and the availability of oxygen. Also in the window is seen a little avatar, but it is standard and will not change if You change skin. Under the HUD contains Your current coordinates.

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