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Laser Projectiles (No Gravity) [1.1.0]

With the addon you can feel yourself a real sniper. This expansion adds only one interesting change almost all projectiles, such as arrows from the bow, Snezka and even the spitting llama. Now they are not affected by gravity, and move after the shot forward until, until you reach the block or entity. Of course, about the realism of this type of guns is debatable, but in General, the modification is quite amusing.

Llama [1.0.0]

Presents addon adds a new animal in the familiar world of Minecraft. It's pretty funny Lama with a unique character. She's probably best known for its super powerful spit, so watch out, coming too close to it. So lamas will attack wolves, creeper, and players who badly need to access them. These ungulates can move on top and use it as extra inventory.

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