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Self-Building Modern House [1.8.0] [Redstone]

This map includes a huge mechanism, which is able to build an entire estate without the help of the player. The command blocks work wonders! The manor, indeed, fit for life. In each room laid out its interior. To create this unique creation is quite difficult, so the author hopes that You will appreciate his card on merit. You will be able to consider all the mechanism of the device and to study in detail all the details. If You want to really impress your friends, then be sure to download and install this wonderful map.

Extreme Safe House [1.7.0] [Redstone]

The most protected building specially created for Your safety in survival mode. The structure is equipped with over 350 command blocks. There are three modes of protection, and more. If You had enough monsters, especially cponidine in Your house, then presented creation that You need. Now You can not worry about their safety inside Your fortress. The presented structure is not just some "box", it is a full mansion with the interior in, so then You will definitely feel like a diamond magnate.

Christmas at Durton Cliff [1.8.0] [Creative]

Don't know where to go for Christmas vacation? Stay at home in comfort and enjoy this amazing map. It will make You feel like a real millionaire, as there are located an incredible estate built straight into the rock. This is very dangerous, but so beautiful and breathtaking! The mansion is huge, has many rooms with cool interiors. Also there is a helipad and the transition to it. On the shore is a luxury yacht where you can relax in warm days. Among the facilities there is a theater-seats theater, designed for twenty spectators, a gym, a pool, a disco. Also You will be able to play Golf on the specially equipped Playground. And that's not all you can explore in the map, so download and start your new adventure in survival mode.

Titan Manor [1.8.0] [Creative]

Explore one of the richest houses of the millionaire. This secluded British mansion, is surrounded by dense forests. The yard also grow tall trees, but there are several sites with exactly cut grass. Presents mansion fully completed. Inside thought out and detailed the interior of each room separately. Overall, it's just an amazing building, which of course wants to stay and live. If you get bored, be sure to visit the cinema, gym, tennis court, pool house, guest house, wine cellar and more. Invite your friends for tea in the multiplayer mode.

Mesaville [1.8.0] [Creative]

There are not procedurally generated village. It's more than just a village, because there is everything, from naval base to impressive castles, and other cool structures. The settlement looks like is actually created in the Minecraft automatically, not man-made. Maybe someday something similar will be put into our beloved game in the future. This map includes not only the village, surrounded by walls, but also many other interesting things outside. For example, the ancient Greek temple, a medieval ancient castle, a modern mansion with a helipad on the roof, airport, moored to the shore, a container ship, a naval port, submarine and ship, as well as a secret submarine base. It is only part that can be seen! Download this amazing map full of contrasts, You're sure to enjoy an unforgettable adventure in survival mode, or a simple walk in the creative, exploring every corner.

Fox Manor [1.8.0] [Creative]

If You are in search of unique home for living in their world of Minecraft, this map especially for You, as it includes a simple elegant manor house, around which is built a cascade - like an Aztec ziggurat. This building is more than it seems at first glance. Come and see for yourself. Explore luxurious residence located in the forest. There is lawn, room for guests, a huge swimming pool, a garage for forty cars, a Lodge at the gates, gym, cinema, orangery and more. Living in a superb mansion, everybody will definitely be jealous of You.

The Quarly Mansion – Chapter 2: Myfa Island [1.8.0] [Adventure]

This mini-game is located on a specially prepared custom map. Here You need to find the treasure. Space for a search is quite extensive, so You will not be able to find the desired artifact for a few moments. Everyone take a deep breath and begin your long hard adventure. Carefully explore the manor, nether and other places. The map accommodates up to two participants so You can ask Your friend to help You by customizing a multiplayer mode. Search for treasure in the concealed spaces and other hiding places. Once You find the precious artifact, the game will end.

The Wandering Woods [1.8.0] [CTM]

Wandering the woods is hand-created terrain, which in total is as much as two billion unit. Here is an unusual trees, rocks, buildings, dungeons, and more. It was realized in the pocket version of Minecraft using the program "Open Terrain Generator" and the one where the author actually built. There are a lot of places to explore. Dungeons of all shapes and sizes keep the immortal wealth, but sometimes you can stumble on the trash. Also represented 94 view of the village houses, which are randomly located in this vast space. And here You'll find 38 a variety of custom buildings, 87 different species of trees (well it's a Botanical garden!), 13 well-designed dungeons, the tower, built on an interesting scheme a few extravagant mansions and 3049 (!) cool shit for new biomes! 

The Mansion 2 [1.8.0] [Horror]

What could be better than walking on the car at night in good weather. You safely travel with your friends, you suddenly notice that Your vehicle begins to slow down. That's the trouble! Car broke down on the middle of the track and there is no one near. You decide to walk along the road and then noticed some structure, come closer and see a huge mansion. Talking to friends You are going with a spirit and go inside, hoping to find someone who can help. But the place is not as friendly as thought. Everywhere creepy atmosphere with some sounds coming. But the last straw is that You begin to attack monsters! Call your friends in multiplayer and explore the manor house of horrors together! Try to survive! Don't change the game settings, otherwise the game will lose all interest!

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Valdin Land [1.8.0] [Creative]

Here are quite gorgeous, but, unfortunately, still unfinished city. Nevertheless, there is something to see, for example, there are three house, two huge skyscraper and three different villages. The card can be used in survival mode to not to bother about housing. There is also the possibility to look for a home for himself and try to reproduce them in their personal worlds. Walk through the lands of Valdi and have fun!

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