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MultiCraft [1.6.0]

Dopolneniya enriches the game a lot of cool things and goes well with many Addons. What's new: new armor (weapons, tools), new minerals, and all sorts of magical things. To properly begin the study of this addon, I need to activate when you create a world a special bonus chest. It is a subject that allows you to zaspaunit ' villager (soul inhabitant). And that's something that villager and we'll pump. Having a villager, click on it with an iron ingot. Be sure to pick up the pieces that fall out of skeletons, because these particles are the basis. Also, You expect a severe contraction with unusual bosses. Download this amazing addon and you will not regret!

RecipeBook [1.1.0]

This addon will be very useful for those who are seeking a simple way of viewing all the available recipes of various blocks or items in Minecraft. Supplement is very important for beginners and just for the convenience of already experienced players. Now You don't have to climb on the Internet in search of the right craft. The addon all the recipes at a glance. But there is one drawback, as this is the first version, here the presence of all crafts. The developer will try to fix it in the next update.

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