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TrippyPE [1.1.0]

Most likely You've never experienced are the Shader. With it the whole familiar world of Minecraft becomes wavy. If a person who knows about this resource, you'll see a game like this, he'd consider it a serious problem that must be solved. The Minecraft fully functional, but the curvature makes gameplay quite difficult, but interesting.

Only Upwards [1.1.0]

Only Upwards - a Shader for those who are extremely bored usual Minecraft world. The whole environment around You will look like she has a bias – but it's not. It introduced an optical illusion caused by the Shader. Maybe in these conditions You dizzy, but for greater effect try to drink the potion poisoning.

Whiteout [1.1.0]

Whiteout - not exactly a typical Shader, because it is not designed to improve gaming graphics. Instead, he paints all the blocks of Minecraft in the usual black and white tones. If You open the city map you may notice that the situation is very similar to the movie "sin City". Also, using the Shader, the usual mobs will be visible, which is very useful for survival mode.

Round World [1.1.0]

Do you still believe the world is flat? Well, the developer offers You something interesting! Are the Shader will round the familiar world of Minecraft. This is the only resource which so affects the visual effect of the playing area. In fact, You will not be able to go around the earth, so the packet is not a realistic type of Shader. Perhaps because of this resource You even be dizzy, but all to easily fix the shutdown button.

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Energy [1.8.0]

Energy is one of the first Shader packs, which is supported on Windows 10 (Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition), iOS and Android (Minecraft Pocket Edition). Resource significantly transforms the familiar world of Minecraft. The most notable changes of water, clouds and lighting. Overall, the result is surprising: it looks more realistic. And look at the game world becomes much nicer.

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Night Vision [1.8.0]

Forget the torches. This Shader illuminates the world during the day and banishes the darkness from the dungeons and different areas without Windows. The resource is useful to those who are already tired to place lighting facilities in order for something to see in the dark. At night, the texture of the mobs will remain shadowy. The Shader will take effect only when You restart the game.

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SSPE Lightweight [1.1.0]

SSPE is a lightweight Shader pack is the ideal solution for low-level devices, which for some reason can't reproduce a higher quality shaders. The package presented is much simpler, but still makes some elements (e.g. sky) in the world of Minecraft a much more beautiful and realistic. It is also available with the addition of NextLevel, which introduces the game coordinates.

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RSPE Shaders [1.0.0]

Shaders RSPE do a usual Minecraft world brighter, more realistic and alive. This resource pack is changing the clouds, the water, lava and shadows. Are the shaders are among the best for Minecraft Pocket Edition. They were specially designed for iOS and Android devices. All in all, this is an amazing pack of shaders!

SEUS PE Shaders [1.1.0]

To date, Sonic Either's Unbelievable Shaders PE is the most realistic Sadarak for Minecraft PE. The light from the Sun and the moon now shimmers much prettier, and reflected in the water. A more qualitative study of shadows at night and in the Nether world. There are three versions of shaders: normal, medium and ultra

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