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› Led to a triple village

Led to a triple village

Led to a triple village

Very interesting and rare led, in which you will appear near a large village, consisting of three separate villages. The village is located in Savannah, so all the houses are built of acacia. Also near the village you will find a network of caves in which you can find a lot of iron and coal

SEED:1388582293 WORLD TYPE:Infinite 

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Little wrong village

In the presented side, You'll appear right in the centre of the small village. But it's not just village residents. It's the wrong one!!! Here striking sawn homes and farms, as well as, stuck between a home. It is possible that this error occurred when generating the two villages at the same time. However, in General the impression is like living here sloppy people.

Village in a mushroom biome

Find a village in a mushroom biome near spawn is a very rare phenomenon in Minecraft. This led is useful in that the local village has a smithy, which is usually lacking in these worlds. The village is located half in the plains, so perhaps this village is not considered a mushroom. In order to find the village, turn left as soon as I appear in the game world, then walk diagonally to the right of 200-300 blocks and will be on the site.

Spawn in the coastal village

This led takes You to a small island, which includes many different functions. The map is very suitable for initial survival in the world of Minecraft. There is a village where you can meet a blacksmith, another is to visit a large forest near the settlement and gain a lot of resources. Also there is a simple way to obtain iron. Dig at the well in the centre of the village and drop down, here You will find coal and iron ore.

Led a large village high up in the mountains

After the appearance of the wrap back and run towards the Acacias. After wandering around Savannah you will encounter the first village in the mountains, if you go around the mountains and to go further, you will see a second village which is located on the peak of a high mountain

Led to a double village

Led is very suitable to start the game in survival mode, because in a limited world you appear at the junction of the two villages. One desert, the other normal. In the infinite world is just one village. Don't forget to protect the spread lava from the forge, and your whole village will burn

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