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› Minecraft: Pocket Edition 1.1.5

Minecraft: Pocket Edition 1.1.5

Minecraft: Pocket Edition 1.1.5

Changes in version 1.1.5 minimum and touched fixes bugs with textures and skins. The shop added a set of textures Victorian-inspired Steampunk Texture Pack, new mini game, Infinity Dungeon EX, as well as several skinpacks. That's about it. Waiting for an early release of version 1.2.0 where the developers promise to add many new gameplay and completely redo the game UI

minecraft_-_pocket_edition_1.1.5.1.apk - the official version
minecraft_-_pocket_edition_1.1.5.1_mod_v1.apk - unlocked all paid skins and textures
minecraft_-_pocket_edition_1.1.5.1_x86.apk - the version for intel

Download minecraft_-_pocket_edition_1.1.5.1.apk [55,98 Mb] downloaded: 135013 times
Download minecraft_-_pocket_edition_1.1.5.1_mod_v1.apk [56,08 Mb] downloaded: 60880 times
Download minecraft_-_pocket_edition_1.1.5.1_x86.apk [63,71 Mb] downloaded: 33804 times
Download last version of Minecraft: Pocket Edition 1.1.5 from the official website

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Clear Simple Texture Packv.3.3.0 [1.2.5]

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Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Version Minecraft PE came 26.06.2017 in which, in addition to bugfixes, there are some interesting changes. First added new blocks: red brick of the lower world, the infernal unit growth, bone and magma blocks. Most likely with the bone blocks are added the formation of ancient dinosaur fossils under the ground, but this is not accurate. That's all for now.

minecraft-pocketedition_1.1.3.1.apk - the official version
minecraft-pocketedition_1.1.3.1_mod_v1.apk - unlocked all paid skins and textures
minecraft-pocketedition_1.1.3.1_x86.apk - the version for intel

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