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PokeCraft 0.17


PokeCraft is a very promising mod on pokemon, which was created exclusively for Minecraft Pocket Edition. This version is the first beta and includes features such as two new mob and the possibility of catching pokem using pokebola. This version was released to give you an idea of what awaits you in the near future

Download pokecraft-mod.js [24,24 Kb] downloaded: 681 times
Download [31,67 Mb] downloaded: 731 times
Download last version of PokeCraft from the official website

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It is really a useful and informative map that you can use to study the innovations in the latest beta version of Minecraft (a forthcoming update Aquatic). The addon requires that you have had the latest beta version, which includes several features that are expected to be included in the Aquatic update for Minecraft. All (currently existing) functions are shown on the object under water. Be sure to read all texts in the game to learn more about the different functions. The functions are sorted in the following order: New mobs, water Physics, the Game features, Items, Magic. Game version:

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minecraft.v. - the official version (no license is required)
minecraft.v.1.2..10.2.mod_v1.apk - unlocked all paid skins and textures (does not require license)
minecraft.v.1.2..10.2.x86.apk - the version for intel processors (does not require a license)

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minecraft.v. - the official version (no license is required)
minecraft.v. - unlocked all paid skins and textures (does not require license)
minecraft.v. - the version for intel processors (does not require license)

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minecraft.v. - the official version (no license is required)
minecraft.v. - unlocked all paid skins and textures (does not require license)
minecraft.v. - the version for intel processors (does not require license)

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