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Anti X-Ray [1.1.0]

Anti X-Ray

This addon is considered to be one of the best defenses in the server from unscrupulous players use godless Chita X-RAY. In fact, what could be worse than an illegal violation of the natural balance and fair market built on hard work and strong pick?
How to make it work on Your server?
1). To load the package.
2). Open Minecraft PE.
3). Choose to create a new world (or load an existing one and then edit it).
4). To activate the resource pack to the world! And Yes, it will disappear cheat evil!
5). Make sure to set the flag that requires players packets to join the world.
6). Create the Game world.
7). Exit.
8). Editable server.
9). Click "replace world" and select the created bestiary.
10). We are all magnificent.

Download anti_x-ray.mcpack [6,86 Kb] downloaded: 177 times
Download last version of Anti X-Ray from the official website

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