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Golden Chicken [1.1.0]

Golden Chicken

Gold chicken is a rare mob in Minecraft. Are the bird will bring You tons of the precious metal. She will constantly defer gold nuggets. Chicken lives forever, so You'll provide yourself with a good inventory. Start a farm and have many times more precious metal.

Download goldeneggchicken_v1.0.0_by_caborambo.mcpack [3,79 Kb] downloaded: 64 times
Download last version of Golden Chicken from the official website

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Presented Supplement brings into play Garuda, who was a mythological creature in ancient India. In fact, it is a giant bird, something that looks like a bald eagle, which replaces the familiar phantom, so you can find Garuda in the ordinary world is not difficult. In Minecraft this creature acts as a boss, very powerful and has multiple abilities. To go against the deity, You must be bold and well prepared. Falls from this mythical beast a lot of feathers and meat. In the ancient stories of Garuda was a riding animal, but then You unfortunately will not be able to tame and ride.

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In this game your goal is to protect my bed at any cost. May sound silly, but believe me, this battle will be hot. Budvar is a very popular mini-game where several teams of players come together to fight for life and death, and trying to destroy bases of each other, until, until there is one winning team. For the successful conduct of the war You need resources, weapons, armor, tools, but, first and foremost, money. Here their function is performed by iron and gold ingots, and emeralds and diamonds. All of them are extracted from the emitters. The more expensive the ingot, the less it appears. All of the resources You manage to get the people who are still in the databases. You can even buy goods from the opponents but be very careful. As You might guess, the game supports multiplayer mode, so it is recommended to participate as much as possible the number of players.

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At the event, Minecon Earth 2018 was presented a lot of ideas that I want to implement in the future. For example, entering a game such wonderful birds as ostriches. This adds the submitted addon. Ostrich - a large flightless bird, which in this Supplement will replace the chicken. In the world they are friendly, and if you try to hit them, they will rush to run away with too high speed, so You they will not catch up. The owls only spawn in warm biomes. This feathered mount is able to sit a horse, but to control it You will fail because of the lack of certain features that are soon bound to be corrected by the developer. The model of an ostrich were taken from presentation materials of Maincon. I hope the appearance of this bird in one of the next official Minecraft update.

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