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Fireproof [1.0.0]


This addition will increase Your stamina and make You immune to fire and lava, and will also allow you to stay underwater for a long period of time. It is, indeed, a supernatural force that can have only a real superhero. Presented Supplement will be useful for those who want to facilitate survival or feel like a Superman in their world of Minecraft.

Download fireproof-by-nfcorp2016.mcpack [85,94 Kb] downloaded: 183 times
Download last version of Fireproof from the official website

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Police Car [1.0.5]

The amendment introduces into your favorite game a police car. Now You can feel yourself in the place of a police officer in their world of Minecraft. The transport looks pretty realistic. Here are the American model of a police car. When You start moving on the machine, it will start randomly making sounds of sirens.

Alchemical Eggs [1.0.5]

This addon will allow you to learn the capabilities of alchemy. To do this You must perform the ritual of sacrifice and acquisitions. Once You manage to become an alchemist, You gain several new abilities. For example, can seal mobs in eggs, but before you do, find out more about the energy of the Sun and the moon. Presented the Supplement, really, exciting, it will make the usual survival in the world of Minecraft much more interesting.

Cake Mode [1.0.0]

Cake Mode is intended to facilitate the survival mode in the Minecraft world. If You are going to use this Supplement, it is recommended to adjust the difficulty level on easy. From that hostile mobs will become weaker and the chance to kill far more of them. Also the addon will not allow the creeper to explode, and the enderman and angry that You looked at him. The wolf will gain stamina and will be better able to protect You.

T-Rex [1.0.0]

Tyrannosaurus (T-Rex) is probably one of the most feared creatures, which you can see if you take a time machine and travel to the Cretaceous period. This addon turns the witch into a terrible lizard. You will be able to tame and ride, also the t-Rex will serve as additional inventory. If You are not indifferent to the Raptor Addon, then submitted the Supplement simply must You enjoy.

Boyfriend [1.0.0]

Tired of being lonely in their own worlds? This addition will allow You to make friends in a familiar world of Minecraft! The only thing they are generally disabled, i.e. not able to help, and are not additional equipment. Household actions that will have to do yourself. At the moment gaming satellite is very limited and will not protect You, but the developers promise soon to fix it, so stay tuned.

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