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Working Boombox [1.8.0]

Working Boombox

Presented Supplement introduces in our beloved world of Minecraft this working tape. He only plays four different melodies, completely free of rights. The addon is very useful for those who are tired of familiar game soundtracks and who is looking for a nice sound during gameplay. When You put the tape recorder, click "Play" and he randomly starts to play one of the tunes. In order to stop the sound, click on the stop button of the music. This device replaces the normal music player, so there you can insert any discs.

Download boombox_v2.mcaddon [15,06 Mb] downloaded: 230 times
Download last version of Working Boombox from the official website
Download Working Boombox from MediaFire

Edited by: InnaMononoke - 23-11-2018, 21:28

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