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The Fresh Flatlands [1.8.0] [CTM]

Every person who builds a large-scale creations in a flat world unwittingly facing the same problem, when I want to see in the world around the towns, villages, castles were not so monotonous and boring. Now with this card to create something will be much more interesting, because if you run out of Your building, your custom world will be its continuation, because You will be able to observe magnificent views stretching endlessly into the distance. Forget about the emptiness and dejection. In totality this card has 17 different custom structures, 14 different villages, 76 species of trees, 24 variant biomes. Also there are no dungeons. But the map conceals a secret! Try it to uncover!

SG Package Hunt 1 [1.8.0] [Logical]

Look for more multiplayer games? But tired of all sorts of Pvp battles? Then this classic mini-game from SkyGames made especially for You! Here You don't have fighting with fists and swords. This will require all Your attention. On the arena of ten hidden packages with who knows what inside. The first participant who finds all postal packages in the equipped territory, will be the winner. Call your friends and compete together. For a single training run the game in individual mode and sharpen your skills. Your opponents have no chance to win!

The Mundane Mountain [1.8.0] [CTM]

This map is not as boring as it might seem at first glance. It includes beautiful mountain landscapes and fields, but the greatest part is occupied by taiga forests. Here is a fairly large snow biome, underground which lurk many dungeons. In the forest there are places for camping. Together 49 different custom structures 24 are separated from each village, 281 species of trees, 46 well-designed dungeons, 193 variant biomes. This custom map is great for survival mode, as it is full of interesting places to study and places to relax. Start your new adventure right now!

SG The Hunting Game [1.8.0] [PVP]

Hunter is a fun multiplayer game. Here are the gorgeous arena with all sorts of buildings and secluded places where you can hide. One player will be awarded the role of a hunter, while others will become victims. Once the hunter will get all the booty he wins. Identification of victims is a pickaxe in their hands. 

3 Noteblock Cartoon Theme Songs [1.8.0] [Redstone]

You definitely have your favorite cartoons. And as You can see, everyone has their own energetic tune, which for a long time hangs in the head and not moving for a long time. On this map we developed a mechanism that will play the tunes, but only three soundtracks from famous cartoons, such as "Gravity falls", "runner" and "Star Princess and the forces of evil". Also included here resource kit that allows you to adjust the sound volume.

The Beachside Boogie [1.8.0] [CTM]

Here are quite a beautiful map with stunning views. Here is a tropical Paradise for all those who need it. But not so simple as it seems at first glance. Bottom of lurking danger, and You have to overcome. The map includes several custom buildings, a village, 122 types of various trees, 17 well-designed dungeons and 82 of the option of various biomes. Map created for the implementation of it, that, for example, a mini-game. The author does not recommend playing in survival mode, as this location is not suitable for comfortable development (not all ore can be found and disabled achievements). But there are a lot of hardcore dungeons with traps and explosives.

5 Different Stages [1.8.0] [Parkour]

On this map there are five different game modes. They are divided into three different difficulty levels: easy, medium and hard for professionals. Here You are offered to go through many trials related to parkour, and mazes, and more. At each location you can find and collect one wool block. At the end of the stage, items should be folded in a special section located in the lobby. Do not destroy blocks unless required gameplay. It is also impossible to cheat, pulling the wool blocks from the inventory of creativity to change the game mode and use spawn point.

The Adventurer’s Amazement [1.8.0] [CTM]

Here are the biggest custom map. There are some drawbacks, but mostly this endless world is pretty exciting. In addition to a fantastic view of the mountains and fields on the map has a lot of interesting dungeons that are worth exploring. overall, the world contains 1,483 different custom structures and landscapes, 832, differing from other villages, 685 possible types of trees, 184-designed dungeons, 8937 variations of biomes. This extraordinary world with unique landscapes designed for adventure! So gather everything you need in your inventory, arm, dress and go on a long journey. You appear in the upper corner of the map, so to start the game, go to the zero coordinates.

Funtopia Park [1.8.0] [Creative]

"Funtopia" is a huge theme Park created by just only two people. There is a wide range of attractions. There are twelve regions that you can visit. Find rainbow area, which will certainly lift your mood. Go down the snowy slopes on skis. Explore the medieval city. Try to take the risk to go to a mysterious castle that holds a terrible curse. Swim on boat on location in Wild West style. Here there is a large number of different cool roller coasters and even a water Park. You definitely will not miss. Call your friends in multiplayer mode and have fun together.

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Maze of Terror! [1.8.0] [Labirint]

If You like mazes, then presented a map specially for You. Here You will not face the usual searching out of a twisted space. There is a huge house of horrors, which is located inside the maze with many dead ends and danger. Do not think that it will be able to walk. Around every corner You will always find monsters. Go forward without leaving the manor, even if it gets too creepy. During the game You will be accompanied by various sounds, which surely make the atmosphere of the environment even worse. Also You need to find three artifacts, well hidden somewhere in the house. Try not to run away in terror, but to reach the end, taking with them treasures.

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