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The Lines [1.2.5] [Parkour]

The Lines

The line - really unique and cool parkerna map with 10 different levels. The map includes many different levels with jumps in almost complete darkness, but with some guide lines that will help you overcome obstacles. But you must carefully follow the red lines, because they are there to distort your vision!

Download fls3g-rbthe-lines.mcworld [82,21 Kb] downloaded: 75 times
Download last version of The Lines from the official website

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The Tower: Parkour [1.8.0] [Parkour]

Tower - a unique map with parkour, in which there is mode time limit. This innovation challenges players and forces them to think twice and to demonstrate excellent response. So relax here You will not work. This map includes 18 exciting levels, which are also the floors of the tower. The game starts with easier stages, and ends with the most complex. You will find amazing test: glass parkour, parkour with pistons pushed, or a fiery hell parkour and invisible parkour and much more. Playing the cards You are given 25 points of life. Overcoming every 3 floors, You will be able to receive three more lives. If Your health bar reaches zero, You lose and start all over again. But if you complete all 18 levels - will be the winner! In custom mode unlimited health. You will immediately be awarded 999 points of life and then just not have to worry about anything, except about the runaway time. Stay tuned because there are even more interesting.

Flying Zombies [1.2.5] [Parkour]

This is a really fun and unique mini-game where you will be offered different levels of parkour, while you are chased by a giant flying zombie. Zombie destroys everything in its path, so this means that you need to complete parkour challenge before it will catch and destroy your way. After starting mini-game, you are teleported to a new place where you will see a random level of parkour. It is important to start moving as soon as you've been spawned.

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DeathRun: Rebornv.1.0 [1.2.0] [Mini game]

DeathRun is a game where your fate depends on how you are well able to overcome various obstacles and traps on speed. This is a multiplayer mini-game where some of you will be runners, others murderers. This is quite a challenging mode, especially for runners, which is constantly threatened by different traps. Runners are instructed to walk to the finish line, but can win only one player. In most cases, you need to follow the rule of "every man for himself". Murderers instructed to activate traps that will harass runners. 

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