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› EckoSoldier Let’s Play World – Survival Island Season 1

EckoSoldier Let’s Play World – Survival Island Season 1 [1.2.5] [Creative]

EckoSoldier Let’s Play World – Survival Island Season 1

It is a world that used well-known foreign youtuber Accordion as one of their letsplay. In this update he started surviving at sea on a small deserted island. Season 1 (and last for this series) lasted 11 episodes for about two months (mid-2016). Today you will be able to enjoy this world alone. 

Download survival-island-season-1.mcworld [12,5 Mb] downloaded: 272 times
Download last version of EckoSoldier Let’s Play World – Survival Island Season 1 from the official website

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A village on the island and an underwater fortress

In this side near the spawn point You will find the village on the island. Also very close is the underwater fortress. In it You will meet the guards and, perhaps, a senior Keeper, who is playing the boss. Following the directions on the screen, you can visit the clay biome. Start your new adventure together with the led.

Survival island

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Led on a small flat island

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