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Poke Balls [1.1.0] [Redstone]

Poke Balls

Catch cows or pigs on a leash in Minecraft and all have been pretty good at that. There is great difficulty – to pick up future simple roast on a strap? But this addon offers something new. Pokemon! Take pokeball from the chest, then cutting on the wall is a lever to make the command block. It's time to start tapping pokeball on the ground near the mobs. Soon a message will appear that You are – well done, and Your inventory are the eggs spawn the most mobs. Than not pokeball?

Download 4pokefballs-0in-vanilla.mcworld [1,5 Mb] downloaded: 251 times
Download last version of Poke Balls from the official website

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This addon replaces one of the mobs in the game lucky block that has more than 100 options of drop. Every time you destroy a block, something random (and usually dangerous). For example, you may Receive Wieser boss or dozens of zombie pigs. But fortunately, there are also good drops such as enchanted sword, armor, potions. Default lucky block replaces the pigs, which means that it will appear in place of their spawn, so you will not be difficult to find the lucky blocks

Working Quarry [1.1.0] [Redstone]

Very useful thing – a command block that allows you to make a career car. This unit is able to dig up an area the size of 7x7 blocks and place the resources in a chest. Of course, this all only works in a world where creative mode is available, because the creation of the apparatus involved command blocks. Click on the button, a chest appears. In the chest are the elements for marking the dig area. Mark out the area. Turn the lever, and the machine is digging. Turn the lever again, the machine stops.

Forest mansion near the spawn point

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