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Skyshroom [0.17] [Map]


Skyshroom card style skyblock in the form of a large mushroom island in the sky, grown by the villagers. Mushroom is empty and inside it you will find several farms and houses where the locals live.

Download skyshroom-pe.mcworld [400,17 Kb] downloaded: 127 times
Download [402,2 Kb] downloaded: 100 times
Download last version of Skyshroom from the official website

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Island In The Skyv.1.3 [1.2.8] [Map]

"Island in the sky" is the same as the survival-style Skyblock, except that this map also contains a shop where you can trade with the villagers. This is really a good card for those who love to survive in a confined space and slowly build their tactics on the collection and production resources. You can play both solo and multiplayer with friends. How to play? The goal is to survive as long as possible. You will find yourself on a small floating island. There you will find a tree and a chest containing several blocks and items. It is important that you use these things wisely and not waste anything and especially not lost. When you begin to gather more resources, you have to find a way to the next island, because there you will find the store. But the most interesting will begin after you build the portal to Hell...

Extreme Savannah and Two Villages

In this side You will find two desert village with a forge and chests to store pretty useful things. In addition, about settlements is a biome of savannas with unique rocks. Climbing upstairs you can find a design like a mushroom. Led, indeed, includes the superb landscape and a base for the initial development in Minecraft.

Zombie village in Savannah

Zombie village is, apparently, a new feature in Minecraft as of version 0.15. In this side You'll be able to find your settlement. There could be no life, only when the sun goes down and night falls, the houses climb, the zombie population. If You like dangerous places, are the LEDs for You.

Double village on the island

With this led You have probably never before faced. Here you can see a double village located on a small island. Of course, the settlements on the water is no surprise, but there are two of them at once. With that reunion village is much better. She has more than 20 farms and about 10 houses. Sorry, no Smiths, but it's still a pretty cool led.

Trade With Villager [1.0.0]

Trading with the villagers is a unique feature that exist in the PC version of Minecraft, but still is not implemented in Pocket Edition. This addon adds the transaction with the village people in our favorite pocket Minecraft. Now, residents will become more useful. They will sell different items depending on their professions, and that means You can buy everything from food to weapons.

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