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Random Kit Swap Challenge [1.8.0] [PVP]

Random Kit Swap Challenge

You consider yourself a good fighter Pvp srajenii? If so, then how about this? Presented in a mini-game during fights, players will have constantly changing set of armor and weapons. For example, the set of knight will give You the diamond set, and the set of the Nuba - only dirt! This may seem unfair, but after a time, the situation may change dramatically, so never give up! There are seven different whales and they are replaced every minute throughout the battle. Don't forget to fully utilise the advantages of each whale. Stepping on the pressure plate at the top of the temple, Your health will recover quickly.

Download ramdomkitswapchallenge.mcworld [406,3 Kb] downloaded: 145 times
Download last version of Random Kit Swap Challenge from the official website
Download Random Kit Swap Challenge from MediaFire

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