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SG Micro Board [1.7.0] [Logical]

SG Micro Board

SG Micro Board is a small puzzle game in which You have to turn all the lights on a special Board. Make sure that the light still turned on, not turned off. If You get stuck and do the math, that is really no chance to beat the game, then use the reset button, then the field is updated and You will be able to re-think the steps. If You again say that the puzzle is impossible to solve, I assure you that Everything really can go, just have to have patience and to think well. Use special subject, which will lie in the hand of the character to control the lamps.

Download fls3g-rbmicro-board.mcworld [450,72 Kb] downloaded: 36 times
Download last version of SG Micro Board from the official website
Download SG Micro Board from MediaFire

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