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SG Punch PE: Ice [1.8.0] [PVP]

SG Punch PE: Ice

SG Punch PE: Ice is the winter version of the card Punch PE. Instead of hills and grass now around the slippery ice and snow is cold. But the bottomless pit is the same deadly, and the chances of being thrown off in the hole in the floor cheerful companions in the game are also great. The ability to jump to a considerable height also preserved. Rushing into the icy sky platform waiting for his desperate players. This, incidentally, is one of the most dynamic PVP multiplayer: constantly in motion, constantly waiting for the catch. So I need to try and fold them first!

Download fls3g-rbpunch-pe-ice.mcworld [1,01 Mb] downloaded: 26 times
Download last version of SG Punch PE: Ice from the official website
Download SG Punch PE: Ice from MediaFire

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