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Bubble Bobble [1.13.0] [Mini game]

Bubble Bobble

Bubble Bobble - this is not an addon, but a real 2D arcade game! You can play this game alone or with a friend! Also easy to play on two devices, as the default enables automatic shooting! As a bonus the author has added custom music in the game Bubble Bobble 2! 

Download bubble-bobble.mcworld [7,74 Mb] downloaded: 13 times
Download last version of Bubble Bobble from the official website
Download Bubble Bobble from MediaFire

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FS Treasure Hunt [1.2.13] [Map]

This map is based on Hunt Simulator, which is a map, originally created for Roblox. Your goal is to dig up buried treasures, which can then be exchanged for tool upgrades and other items. You can play this map alone or with friends. The map is fully automated with commands and resource package. How to play? Once everything is attached and you are ready to start the treasure hunt, go to Shulker Box on the side of the card. Take materials out of the box. Fireworks - teleports you. Once you have found sand and gold, you can sell it to the residents found in the huts. Use the sand to get the gold to upgrade their tools and additional items.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition 1.2.10

Update and affected changes only in the interface of the game. There are new items in the world settings, added support for controllers. Thanks crossplatforming the game now supports up to 8 players playing simultaneously on different devices. Also worth mentioning is the fact that fixed more than 120 bugs in the game.

minecraft.v. - the official version (no license is required)
minecraft.v.1.2..10.2.mod_v1.apk - unlocked all paid skins and textures (does not require license)
minecraft.v.1.2..10.2.x86.apk - the version for intel processors (does not require a license)

Elmerlusa Mini [1.2.5] [CTM]

This map was created in honor of the birthday Almerah. This is a normal CTM map built in custom location with good scenery. You have to find items to create several different blocks, which are necessary for the completion of the monument. The adventure takes place in a huge valley with unusual celestial landscapes.How to play? The main goal is to find the items needed for making an emerald block, diamond block and cake, and then place them in the monument to complete it. But it is not as easy as it seems. Items protected by traps, strong mobs and other troubles. You can choose to play alone or with friends (up to 3 players).

Mob Arena Battles 1: Revamped Edition [1.1.0] [Mini game]

New optimized PVE map where You can fight monsters alone or in the company of five friends! If You like serious batch, this location is exactly what You need. Several combat classes (and for each unique set of objects): 
the swordsman 
- arrows 
- support 
- water mage 
- the wizard 
But first read the instructions while standing in the lobby. Next – choose a class warrior, also choose the level of difficulty and press "start". waves of monsters will appear after a certain period of time, so you need to have time to cut down the previous wave before the next appears. And who said it would be easy? 

The flat spawn

In this side You find yourself on very flat plains biome. This is probably the most smooth random generation of the world, which only can encounter in Minecraft Pocket Edition. This area will be useful for those who want to build something and doesn't want long to bother with leveling the ground. Also around full of forests, you may gain enough resources for their creations, if you are going to play in survival mode. And here You will find a small village. For this we need to travel a distance of 100-150 blocks straight from spawn point.

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