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Bedrock AI [1.9.0]

 this addition improved the behavior of the different mobs in the Bedrock as they have become more similar to those in Minecraft: Java Edition. In General, we can say that the essence of this addon is to show that the Bedrock and Java – one happy and friendly family in fact. It added a new AI, new models, diagrams, animations for some animals. Even changed some habits from several types of mobs and will have the opportunity to paint stalkerov in new colors.

Edited by: InnaMononoke - 25-12-2018, 21:41

CustomCommand Guide [1.8.0] [Redstone]

This creature is designed for those people who want to create their own map with custom things, mobs etc. This guide is made in order to demonstrate how everything works and to open more options and command blocks. To understand the device of these mechanisms can only experienced player who has at least a basic understanding of command blocks, Redstone and how to use them. Having studied the mechanisms on the map, You will be able to improve and to create your own worlds! The author hopes that You enjoy the guide and it will be very useful.

Overpowered Tools With Commands [1.1.0] [Redstone]

This mechanism, working via command blocks will allow You to enhance weapons, tools and various items, such as tinder. To improve them You'll need a set of different resources. Crafting occurs in the designated area with the help of ejector. You can put in the slots of the subject and what you want to enchant, take a few seconds from the scoreboard and log back in - You will get perfect product with the best features.

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