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BrainGames 5 [1.7.0] [Logical]

Before us is the fifth card from the classic series of puzzle games "Mind Games" - the famous BrainGames. In this release there are six levels, each of which varies somewhat from the others in complexity. At each stage the Player will have to solve a logic problem, which would provide him passage to the next level. The creators have tried hard to ensure that the users of this game had to sweat over every decision. If the puzzle is Yours, be sure to try this release BrainGames!

World of Illusions [1.1.0] [Creative]

This map can please You with amazing optical illusions, which is able to truly trick Your mind. These unique creations. If you look at each of them from a certain angle, You won't believe your eyes as Your gaze will seem quite incredible figures for human perception. If You are a connoisseur of art and design, then this card You enjoy.

My Brain Hurts [1.0.4] [Logical]

This map includes 7 puzzles of medium difficulty level. In each room You will face a logical problem which must be solved in order to move forward. Sometimes You may need certain blocks or items. This map is suitable for those who have just begun to get involved in games that develop logical thinking.

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