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Wearable Cape Banners [1.8.0]

Each, of course, would like to become a super hero to have super powers, wear a pretty jacket. Presents addon implementing in our favorite game only cool colored capes, everything else is just in Your hands. Coats can you to zaspaunit ' with eggs or find in the vast vast world of Minecraft. Go to the cloak to put it around his neck, and if you want to shoot this thing, just sit down. To paint the cloak will fail in any of thirteen colors. Grey and dark grey will be added later. All these cloaks are not an addition to the skins, so it is absolutely free. Capes look like banners, but beautifully developed, like real cloaks.

Edited by: InnaMononoke - 25-12-2018, 22:21

Custom Mob Creator [1.1.0] [Redstone]

The mechanism is working by using the command blocks will allow You to adjust the outfit on zombies and releasing these monsters into the light. You will be able to get them to wear any type of armor, and give them any weapon or tool. This mechanism is a great way of manipulating certain mobs without any mods.

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