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Simplified 2 Way Flying Machine [1.7.0] [Redstone]

On the map demonstrated the easiest aircraft of quartz blocks, which moves in only two directions. The machine is fully automated and requires only a single click on the button to start movement. Aircraft is able to travel long distances. Study it and implement the device in their own world. All important parts are marked with colored blocks, you can also remove some of the quartz block to to dwell on design. On the reverse side of the card shown the simplified version of the same aircraft.

My 20 Favorite Redstone Creations [1.7.0] [Redstone]

This map includes twenty different Redstone mechanisms. The complexity of the structures are different. Some easy to recreate in his own world, while others have to work hard. Each mechanism is very useful for survival mode in the game. For example, in your home You will be able to build a hidden fireplace or put a huge sorting plant where you can dump all your stuff without worrying about the mess in the chests. There is also the possibility to protect the house by installing a coded lock. You have a high rise building? Then take the time to build a lift for a quick ascent or descent from floor to floor. On this map all the inventions it is very easy to research and study, as shown in detail every detail of the design. If You are a beginner in making Redstone mechanisms, this demonstration is designed specifically for You.

JurassicPark PE [1.1.0] [Creative]

This card depicts a huge Park, which although is not a copy of the original Park from the film, all created in his motives. Especially cool thing is that this card is compatible with the Jurassic Craft mod which adds to the game's dinosaurs. Fans of the epic about prehistoric lizards will love! 

The Jungle [1.1.0] [Creative]

Here are the amazing cozy place in the jungle where you can start your new adventure - survival in the world of Minecraft. Base includes five different houses, some of which are on the trees. Also in the district of wandering a lot of cattle, and underground mines are interesting for research. This map is not intended to open achievements. The Creator spent a lot of effort in order to build a beautiful and comfortable home for those who love the jungle.

Large glitch village

This side contains a rather unusual village. One of the buildings here are dilapidated, the other has a strange look. I have the feeling that the builders were pretty drunk, or someone had lost the plan. So the shattered village, in fact, quite rare, which is worth a look.

OldCastle [1.1.0] [Creative]

OldCastle is the majestic old castle, which was originally created as an attribute of the old world. The old world was the only available option for Minecraft Pocket Edition at the time. In this huge fortress is abysmal any room that will certainly need to travel and explore. If You want to use this generation in his world of survival, you need to try to export it into an infinite world in the game. Edit the world and click the "make infinite". Some parts of the resulting cards of the world can look pretty random, but this disadvantage can be removed by terraforming.

10 Advanced Redstone Creations [1.1.0] [Redstone]

This map includes 10 different advanced Redstone mechanisms. Some of them are important if You need to sort a huge amount of resources. It also demonstrates the brand of a functioning lift, sliding and going to the bridge, a hidden fireplace, and much more. The Redstone is truly the key element for creation of progressive technologies in the familiar world of Minecraft.

The Redstone Academy [1.1.0] [Redstone]

The Redstone Academy is a collection of interesting circuit diagrams of red stone that You can easily replicate in their own buildings. These structures facilitate survival and introduce diversity to the game. Because the number of different circuits in Minecraft is almost incalculable: there are computer screens with moving image, and the automatic farm, and challenging rides. Just need to learn the basic principles of construction of electric mechanisms, and this will help You are the card, and then the only thing needed is the imagination and boundless imagination. As the poet said – "be creative, invent, try!"

GoldenBurg City [1.1.0] [Creative]

This map includes a city of medium size. It is located in the infinite world on the plains biome. Here You will see some large buildings and other structures. Presents creation, indeed, designed in the style of Minecraft, so it stands out among other cards. The city is not the greatest, but definitely very cool. If You are looking for something interesting and not entirely realistic, most download and install the presented resource.

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