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Modern Redstone Mansion [1.5.3] [Redstone]

have You ever thought about a private mansion in the world of Minecraft with fully working Redstone mechanisms? Dream no more! Rather, download the map, which is located in a modern estate with a great view of the ocean. Imagine that this structure is fully owned by You. The house is equipped with useful tools, for example, a fully functioning garage door, sliding doors, working TVs, bunker. Also on site are sports cars, big yacht, swimming pool and theatre. In such a huge house you could even play hide and seek! Call friends to visit, let them envy a luxurious life.

More Fences [1.2.0]

This addon adds to the game a lot of new fences. Now You can buy from the Builder (it's a type of resident-dealer) the different types of fences! From dirt, diamonds, quartz, emeralds, iron, gold, bricks, edge bricks, purple and stone – choose to your taste. This range is a good idea to expand design opportunities and will benefit Your home.
Love cheats welcome to get these fences with the command
/give @p fence 1 [6-15]

MC-PE 2020